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  Icogno Ltd is a provider of contextual, learning Artificial Intelligence products and services. The company was founded to make our unique AI software and techniques, as demonstrated by, available to the world on a commercial basis. Machine intelligence is our future. Will we know it when it arrives? Is the Turing Test the answer? Time ... and results ... will tell.
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Please meet George, a character created within the Jabberwacky AI. George is a conversational agent, otherwise known as a chatbot. He's strong-minded and 'smart', yet shows empathy towards his chat partner, and is not too self-conscious to be silly. He won the Loebner Prize as the 'most human bot' in 2005. In 2006 George's friend Joan took the honour, and we have the same aim for this year's event in October.

Beyond the web-based Flash version, a full 3D broadcast-quality George is available, with facial expressions, lip synch, body language and his very own voice. All thanks to a collaboration with InterMediaLab .

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